My name is Anton Fedorets, I provide psychological counseling and psychotherapy in Kiev and online via Skype.

It is well known that psychologists and psychotherapists choose to treat others cause they are sensitive and vulnerable. This is pretty well established by various of studies, that good psychotherapists heal others with their own healed wounds.

And me, being “wounded healer”, choose this path to heal others. As once said by C. Jung, “a good half of every treatment that probes at all deeply consists in the doctor’s examining himself… it is his own hurt that gives a measure of his power to heal.”

Being high sensitive, is a difficulty for me in everyday life and at the same time powerful instrument in my psychotherapeutic practice.

I’ve graduated from Park House English school in Doha. And work as a camp counselor in USA for 3 summers in a row. So I have pretty fluent english, but my grammar is not so strong.

I think essence of psychotherapy is not only in technique and methods, but also in sincere, lively dialogue between two. Honest and open dialogue is the basis of successful work.

I work with people of different ages, worldviews and professions, who has different requests and a unique life situation. And also I work with couples


Academic higher psychological education
•2004-2009 University “Ukraine”, Kyiv. Department of Social technologies. Master of Psychology (Apply Psychology). Graduated with honors.
• 2009-2012 – Postgraduate studies at Taras Shevchenko National university of Kyiv. Dissertation theme: “Psychological factors of athletes self-relation”.
Psychotherapeutic education
• 2007-2011 – Gestalt University of Moscow, certified gestalt-therapist. EAGT standards
• 2008-2011 – Ukranian asociation of Transactional Analysis. Program of Transactional analysis in psychotherapy
• 2011 – TA 101 written Examination. Institute of Transactional Analysis UK, Hardwick, Cambridge. Examiner - May Senior-Jonson TTA(p)
• 2011-2014 – Institute of Existential Psychology and Life Enhancement (EXPLIEN). Program - "Existential approach in apply psychologie»
Additional education in psychotherapy
• 2011 - 2012 Specialization "Сrises and trauma"
• 2011 - 2012 Specialization "Dialogue model of Gestalt therapy"
• 2013 - 2015 Specialization "Existential Measurement of Gestalt Therapy"
• 2017 - 2021 Advanced training program for gestalt-therapists – «Mastering of gestalt-therapy and supervision». European Association for Gestalt Therapy


Anxiety states
Sexual difficulties
Meaning of life

Online counseling

Online counseling or therapy is much like traditional in-office therapy. Just as when you see a counselor in their office, you will spend a set amount of time working with online therapist. You are always free to discuss any problems you would like to.

The main advantage of working online is that you are not attached to a place and you can work where you feel most comfortable and safe.

I think, many professional psychologists still remain skeptical about such form of work. But time is changing and the growth of services such as psychological online counseling or psychotherapists help via Skype is inevitable.

Psychological consultation

50 min.
Visa, Mc

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